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Q: Is Perma-Guard™ Scotchgard?

A: No, Perma-Guard™ is not Scotchgard. Perma-Guard™ last 3 to 5 years, Scotchgard last 3 to 6 months.

Q: Does it change the texture or hand of fabric?

A: No it does not. In fact, once Perma-Guard™ is completely dry you can not even tell that the fabric has been treated.

Q: How often must fabric, carpet & leather be treated?

A. Different from companies such as Fiberseal & Coat which need re-application after 12 mo. Perma-Guard™ last between 3 to 5 year.

Q: What type of warranty does Perma-Guard™ offer?

A. If, after the initial treatment, the Perma-Guard™ customer should need the service of our skilled cleaning technicians for spot removal, there will be no charge to the customer for a 12 mo. period of time.

Q: What about pre-treated carpet?

A:The fiber warranty on nylon carpet usually excludes traffic areas and stairs. These are the areas where you have the most risk. Wool carpets have no pre-treatment and therefore no protection.

Q: Will Perma-Guard™ discolor or change the feel of the fabric?

A:While some fabric protectors can “yellow” fabrics (particularly rudimentary silicone solutions), Perma-Guard™ is a clear polymer and will not yellow with age.

Q:Some fabrics come pre-treated… isn’t that enough?

A: Pre-treatments are easily removed by use and cleaning. Perma-Guard™ maybe used on pre-treated fabrics to provide a permanent protection.

Q: Should I do slipcovers?

A: While slipcovers are made to be easily cleaned… they are not stain resistant. Perma-Guard™ will last through over 20 such cleanings.

Q: How is Perma-Guard™ different?

A: Perma-Guard™ is not a water-based chemical that wears off and can be cleaned off like other fabric protectors. Once applied it cannot be removed.

Q: Is it safe to apply in the home?

A: Perma-Guard™ does not contain ozone depleting substances or carcinogenic, mutagenic or teragenic ingredients.


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